If I can sit through the lecture and get through both of my sections (attempting to incorporate suggestions from midterm evaluations and not trash the book they read this week TOO badly), I’m off this evening to Big Huge Conference in Undisclosed Location. This conference is always a good time: ritzy hotel, tons of great and mediocre and downright awful papers to hear (all of which are inspiring, in their own ways), watching SuperBigName scholars in my field get stinking drunk and say inappropriate things. Good times. Mostly, though (as we all know), it’s all about the networking, and I can’t wait to drink and drink and drink with my awesome friends at all those Other Schools. Aaaaaaand….as if that weren’t already enough, I am in eager anticipation of my very first blogger meetup this weekend! I can’t wait!

Oh, right, I just have to get through the “teaching” part of the day first. And packing. And saying goodbye to Gospel Bob, which I always hate doing and stretch out long enough to consistently annoy him. And the flight. And finding the hotel.

But after that, I’m anticipating a full and fun-filled weekend.