Ow muh tung ith really freakin’ thore!

Actually, it’s not–it’s still numb. I was just, you know, joking.

But seriously, as far as vivid life experiences go? There’s nothing quite like having novocaine injected into the tip of your tongue. THREE TIMES. (Okay, I didn’t feel the third one, but the first two…yowza. That’ll make you feel alive.)

Glad to report, though, that my oral surgeon was awesome (he came in the room, looked at it and said “you’re here for that little thing? I could have given you scissors and you could have cut it off at home. HAHAHAHAHA.”) and the procedure itself (once my tongue was numb) was painless (“Let’s just hope my hands don’t shake. HAHAHAHAHA.”). And no stitch, hallelujah! Which was really the part I was most worried about, so that’s happy news.

I’m debating photoblogging it; I was planning on photoblogging the tongue-stitch, but now that I don’t have one I’m not sure. The tip of my tongue is just…black. And misshapen. And I’m not sure that that’s the image I want you all to have of me.

I think I might deserve a nap, to go with my doctor-prescribed big-handfuls-of-Advil.