I somehow forgot to mention that I spent 6 hours and almost $700 last night coming up with a way that I can see both my family (east coast) and GB’s family (west coast) in the span of a 9 day winter break. Oh, and? Aside from the time-spent-already and oh-my-god-HOW-much?-fine-I’ll-just-buy-it issues, this trip is going to involve 6 separate legs of flights.

I hate flying.

I wish I could somehow make that sentence really indicate how much I hate flying. It scares the crap out of me.

So. Six takeoffs and landings. Six+ hours spent trying to find multi-city tickets. Six days I’ll be at my mom’s, alone, missing Gospel Bob, who can’t make it to both coasts for reasons that are too complicated to go into here. And, just for the sake of symmetry, six hundred and a bunch dollars to see both sides of the family for what no one will think is nearly long enough, and I will experience as (oddly, in a Twilight Zone-ish kind of way) both not long enough, and an endless, hellish eternity.

Ah, the holidays.