Clearly, I had far too much fun last night.

Buttercup and the little guy (who will eventually have a kickass pseudonym, but not while I’m this hungover) moved into our guestroom for the weekend, and hilarity ensued. Hilarity should continue to ensue tonight upon their return.

Gospel Bob made an enormous breakfast for Buttercup, the Wrangler and me this morning: eggs, turkey bacon, biscuits, home fries. Teamed with super-spicy bloody marys…yum, yum, yum. Since then, the Wrangler and GB have been sitting on the couch playing video games and drinking coffee for the past 7 hours while I napped and generally roamed the house (and finished grading. Whoohoo!). It’s a Very Lazy Day.

Not sure how or why we decided to take this weekend off from work and just have an awesome weekend, but it was an excellent decision.

I can almost guarantee more drunk-blogging tonight.