Okay. 14 papers left and it’s time to stop for the night. As far as I’m concerned, it’s time to stop permanently, but I imagine I’ll see the error of that way of thinking tomorrow morning.

Have I mentioned recently how very much grading sucks? What I have left are the papers I really don’t want to grade. I’ve done the easy-definitely-A-range, and the easy-holy-crap-C-range, and the grading range really only effectively goes from A to C (on which, you so don’t want to get me started). So all I really have left are the papers that daunted me on the first pass-through: the ones that look like a thesaurus spilled on the page, or where I’m so bored by the second page that even my rampant OCD can’t keep me going.

I’m bored just thinking about the rest of this stack.

I think that means it’s time for bed.

ETA: Can you use “daunted” like that? I’ve never understood transitive and intransitive verbs, though I generally know how verbs are meant to be used. I think you can be “daunted by” something, but I don’t think it’s okay to say “they daunted me”. Any help on this? And apologies, since I’m pretty sure I used that wrong, but I think a day-full of grading might excuse me.