I’m uninspired and unmotivated. Yesterday I overprepared for my sections because I was uncomfortable with the material and the readings; got to campus to find that all my over-prepared notes and agenda were…oh, right. Sitting at home on my desk. Sigh. Winged it all right, but mostly because I brought the first section Munchkins and held the second section outside. (There were, sort of, reasons for those things. Well, the Munchkins were a desperate attempt to wake section one up; the poor little things have no break between way-too-long lecture and windowless section. The second section asked if we could stay outside, and one of them suggested that we could call it an “alternative pedagogy,” and how could I resist that? Had I realized there was a wind advisory, I might have done things differently, but whatever. We all lived through it, no one was knocked unconscious by a falling acorn–though it was touch and go for a few minutes there–and I continue to teeter on the edge of earning/losing their respect.)

Wow, that was a really long paragraph that I had no intention of writing.

And now I get to settle in for a long weekend of grading. Yippee! Oh, the blog posts will be flying this weekend!

And Gospel Bob’s dad is staying with us, so there’s no telling what sort of blog-material that will provide. So, you know, keep coming back. It works.

I’m clearly undercaffeinated.