So, what, you think posting a dozen times today means I’m avoiding something? Am not! I just happen to not be crazy about the reading I need to get done for class this week, and I’m feeling a smidge lazy, and thinking about music and templates and drinking is so much nicer overall.

And I was thinking about this post from Phantom Scribbler from a bit ago, since I’m sitting here at my desk looking at three portraits of myself done by my three under-10 friends. I’m not entirely sure why the children I know always draw me–it made more sense when I had dreads, but now, I don’t know, is it just because they like me? Anyway. If you’re wondering what I look like, I present to you “Three Views of Luckybuzz”:

This one was done by my “adorable, and what a great imagination!” 3 year old niece over the summer. See that line coming out of my head? She draws that on every picture of people she makes. I love it. What is she seeing?

This one is from her sister, my oh-my-god-so-much-like-me (but way more brilliant and cuter) 6 year old niece (done on the same day):

Um, you should know that I don’t wear dresses. That’s a little artistic license.

And this one was my birthday present from the Li’l Wrangler. It’s the two of us, eating ice cream. (I’m on the right, in the muumuu. I don’t want to talk about that part. Then again, he’s wearing a muumuu too, so maybe it’s the cool thing to do.)

So there you have it. Now you know what I look like. And I’m seriously off to bed.