I lived in San Francisco for almost ten years, and I swore I’d never leave; I was crazy-in-love with the Bay Area the whole time I was there. Even when I was living on one of the nastiest corners in the city, I’d still have moments when I’d catch sight of the Golden Gate Bridge while driving somewhere and it would take my breath away. Anyway–I realize this is kind of morbid, but I just saw this at Boing Boing and it makes me homesick for my city, in a weird way that might not make sense if you haven’t spent an entire drunken evening in the second-oldest bar in San Francisco dissecting the hidden reasons why most people jump from the east side of the bridge, and whether it’s true that the 26 survivors were all wearing Levis*:

Here’s the actual story, about suicides from the Bridge and the proposed guardrail. And here’s a chart of jumpers by year, which is the kind of thing that makes me just stare and stare and try to figure it out:

Yeah, see, this stuff just fascinates me. I always said that in my next life (or maybe in my last one) I’d love to be a San Francisco historian, working in the archives, spending my days just thinking about my city.

There’s no point to this at all, except to wonder if I should be disturbed by the fact that this sort of thing can make me nostalgic. Though I have to say I’m not really looking for feedback on that question.

It’s just so pretty.