Because I woke up thinking I should make a music meme, and then I thought I should make a mix CD, and then, for no good reason other than to prove she can read my mind, BrightStar brought up mix CDs. So what the hell. Here’s my first attempt at making up a meme (though I guess it’s only a meme if it spreads, right? Otherwise it’s just a list). If you want it, it’s yours. (And yes, I *know* you “can’t just pick one song”, but otherwise we’ll be here all night.)

song I always put on mix CDs/tapes: “To Live is to Fly,” Townes Van Zandt
song I try to woo people with: “Come Pick Me Up,” Ryan Adams (maybe that’s part of my problem)
song that reminds me of my childhood (preschool): “Rhinestone Cowboy,” Glen Campbell
song that takes me back to college: “Blister in the Sun,” Violent Femmes
song that always makes me cry: tie: “Brokedown Palace” by the Dead and “Trouble” by Cat Stevens
song that takes me to my happy place: “And it Stoned Me,” Van Morrison
song I play to get the party started: “Sexy MF,” Prince
first concert attended: Rick Springfield (with Corey Hart), 1984
last concert attended: Devendra Banhart (2 weeks ago)
artist I’ve seen most often in concert: Dylan or Neil Young…maybe 10-ish times each
first record/CD I bought: Synchronicity, the Police (Columbia House special)
last record/CD I bought: Golden Smog (don’t know the title) and the soundtrack to the Dylan movie
album I love falling asleep to: Devotion and Doubt, Richard Buckner
album I love waking up to: Tomorrow the Green Grass, The Jayhawks
best after-hours album: Sticky Fingers, the Stones
best song/album for falling in love: um, so many…I’ll go with the Stones, “Loving Cup” (or Exile overall, but man, that’s a lot of love)
best song/album for breaking up: anything by Richard Buckner, and Wildflowers, Tom Petty
guilty pleasure music: Meatloaf, Bat Out of Hell

Um. Yeah. I was inspired when I started this, not so much now. How the heck does Jo(e) do this? I could see maybe doing the questions and the answers on different days, but I think I’m way too obsessive-compulsive to try to do both at once. Hmm. I’m on glass-o-wine #2 and I really should finish this awful (but necessary) book and hit the sack. If anyone feels compelled to improve on this theme, please be my guest….