Okay. I put back the template I like, and comments are working, apparently (thanks, overread!), so I think I can move on. Here are some random bits of randomness I’ve been saving up for you:

  • the sidebars on this template are almost exactly the same color as the walls of my room. I know, it seems like it would just be hideous, doesn’t it? But all the rooms of this apartment are–well, “bright” is such an understatement for the color of these walls. The people before us seem to have wanted to live in an acid-spiked-ice-cream parlor. But really, my orange walls are awesome, and waking up to them always, always makes me happy. And I think that’s why I was so spastic about getting this template up. The orange reminds me of being in bed.
  • there’s a new episode of House tonight. Yippee!
  • I’ve decided not to go pick up the student papers right now. Who wants to run away to Costa Rica with me instead?
  • This story about Finnegan the squirrel bonding with a litter of puppies is the kind of thing that warms my cold, cynical heart. I’m a total sucker for inter-species symbiotic relationships, or inter-species friendships overall. TV shows about guide dogs make me cry, but if you tell anyone that I’ll kick your ass. But yeah, the Finnegan story is awesome. Not quite as awesome as Moose + Katie, but nice nonetheless.

All right. Enough already. It’s 4:30. I should start “working”.