There’s something about the first snow of the year that’s just kind of…magic. I can’t really explain this; it’s that kind of itchy, restless, anticipatory feeling. I remember this feeling from when I was younger, growing up in a place that snowed. 10 years in San Francisco made it slip into the back of my mind, but since I’ve been back on the east coast I’ve felt it every year–the first snow feels like Something Is Going To Happen.

So when I realized this evening that the snow was sticking, and then the Bumper Pool Boys called and said they still had more Halloween partying left in them, I figured, why the hell not?, and said sure they could come over. Gospel Bob is suffering from a hangover that’s kept him in bed all day, and the Wrangler’s in a funny place and wanted to go to the bar, so it was just me and the Bumper Pool Boys. We drank some beer, played some pool, drank some tequila, listened to Meatloaf and Black Sabbath, drank more tequila, propositioned each other and pretended we were joking, and drank more beer. And they decided it was time to go, and I walked them out and saw the snow and wondered, again, why the first snow of the year makes me want to do things I know I’ll regret before the winter is over.