(*noise of utter frustration and despair)

Razzlefrazzlenogood blog templates. I liked the other one, but something weird was going on with comments, I think, and it was getting mighty lonely around here. I went with a Blogger template for now, but it’s just…not right. And do I actually have time to be doing nothing but messing around with my template? Um, no. I have a prospectus to write, a class to prepare discussions for, papers to grade, two relationships in need of some serious attention, phone calls to return, cats to pill….actually, it’s no wonder I’m doing nothing but fucking with my template.

I’m in a bad mood. And I can’t make my blog look right, which is seeming like the biggest deal right now. And I can’t think of one thing that will make me feel better, so I think I’ll have a glass of wine. (And yes, I do realize how that sounds.)