Yep, the Halloween party was fun. I’ve been going through the photos from last night, and there are a few I think I might be able to anonymize enough to post, but…since ordering food delivery just taxed my brain cells, I’ll work on that later. In the meantime, I do have a couple human-less photos that’ll work. This seems to capture the general vibe of the party pretty well:

Lots. Of. Tequila. Really good tequila, thanks to the Bumper Pool Bandito, which makes me feel less like death today than I really deserve.

The Widow Gore gortrait ended up not really getting any attention at all; she was in the living room, which is no place for the dead and dying. Ha. I crack me up. Anyway–I think the bathroom really ended up being the piece-de-resistance:

**Liveblogging update: holy cow, it’s snowing really hard!**

Man, when I’m hungover I’m like the ADD posterchild.

So yeah, I’ll try to get anonymized photos up eventually, because there were some excellent costumes. The Wrangler’s mailman-attacked-by-dogs was probably my pick for top costume; any costume that includes cute little stuffed dogs–with bows on their ears–soaked in fake blood and hanging from mangled clothing is pretty much a sure bet. Gospel Bob and the Other Bumper Pool Boy (the Bumper Pool Bandito) both dressed as bandoleros (unbeknownst to one another–somehow, this isn’t as strange as it should be), though in completely different ways, leading to much watergun hilarity and bad Mexican-Italian accents. Buttercup escaped from a maximum-security correctional facility to come hang out with us–I believe you’re innocent, Buttercup! The Squirrel’s post-apocalyptic nomad was uncannily perfect (like I told him–it was very much like a human-squirrel). Bad Idea was a very friendly and non-fight-picking Straw Man (with Lou Reed lyrics in his pocket). We also had a blade of grass/”maybe I’m a flower”, a dancing hippo from Fantasia, Faith the vampire slayer, some guy with glasses, a chef I think, the sheriff, and a commuter (some people are unclear on the concept of Halloween, I think).

Oh, and me.


But nobody actually got my costume, which was a dead trick-or-treater; I went as the poisoned-candy-and-razor-blades urban legend. But really, it was just an excuse to show off my vintage (1974, I think) Ben Cooper costume.

Yay, my food’s here!