Well, damn. Apparently there’s 2/3 of the needs meme that we all neglected. So, at Overread’s urging (I can’t resist that desperately commanding tone)…we know what Lucky needs. What does Lucky want? And more importantly, what does she get?

Lucky wants:

  • to be like you (it’s true. You rock.)
  • to do 43 things. (to HAVE DONE 43 things, maybe)
  • to take over operations from here on and plans on making Scott pay for what he’s done to the family (I’m not sure what this is but it made me LOL, as the kids say)
  • to be fed when the dogs are fed. (damn right)
  • me to get this brochure finished so we can recruit more soldiers. (that is SO NOT WHAT I SAID)
  • a balloon (who doesn’t?)
  • to be your girlfriend. (see #1 above)

And what does Lucky get?:

  • Lucky gets the trophy but Rusty is awarded the prize (damn it!)
  • when Lucky gets nervous he’s liable to do something silly (no comment)
  • Lucky gets along with Buddha (I try)
  • Lucky gets the job of body artist (that’s what I’m talkin’ about!)
  • Lucky gets tired and needs to head back for a nap (truer words were never spoken)