I’m bored. And chilly. And it seems like a lot of different parts of the internets are broken today; I keep getting error messages in the oddest places. Although, since I started out the day with no internet at all–we apparently have a new policy around here that no bill gets paid until there are actual, tangible repercussions, e.g., we have no internet, no cable, and we’re stumbling around in the dark–I guess that’s not much to complain about. And I’ve been working today, actually, though I haven’t actually gotten any work done. How, exactly, can that be? I will slog on.

It should be clear by now that I have nothing to actually say. I don’t seem to have gotten any more interesting since yesterday, but I missed you all, so I at least wanted to stop by. In a sad and I’m-so-vain attempt to entertain, I offer you the highlights of recent keywords used to find this blog:

make your own gortraits (if you figure out how to do this, let me know)
black tongue + bad stomach (dude, I feel your pain. You’re not dying.)
“hood rat hood rat hoochie mama” (I have BrightStar to thank for this)
instant attraction upon eyecontact (figures)
lucky strangers (nice!)
Wake Up-Gospel
journey don’t stop believing mb (yes! Score one for the bumper pool basement! But what’s with the “mb”?)
browncoats shirt (hi, fellow Firefly fan!)
“widow gore” hologram (actually, the Widow Gore *is* the one we got; she’s hanging in the living room, and she’s awesome. Very subtle. Scared the crap out of the Squirrel last week. Then again, so did I…)