…because I’m tired and and I still need to prep for today.

shots of tequila I had at home before the show: 3
beers I had at the nearby bar before the show: 2
drugs (other than alcohol) I consumed: 0
bottles of Jack Daniels snuck into the venue in Buttercup’s pants: 1
number of surreptitious mixed Jack & Cokes this made: 3
average number of years older than most of the audience I am: 13
number of years older than Devendra I am: 10
number of songs Buttercup and I hippie-danced to: 1
number of times we talked about my blog during the show: 4
crying girls Buttercup comforted in the bathroom: 1
nasty tarps thrown over the audience by the opening band: 1
number of people on stage at one time: 15+
audioblogs I attempted to post: 3 (just the music, not me–sorry!)
audioblogs that were so incoherent that I had to delete them: 3
sections I have to lead today: 2
sections BigName CourseHead will be attending: 1
sections I’m prepared for: 0
sections I think I’ll be prepared for two hours from now: 0
cups of coffee I will drink between now and the end of my last section: 7
naps I will take this afternoon: 1
how old I feel right now: ancient