The hell with Pete Townshend. I just realized it was 9 months ago today that I quit smoking. Damn. Maybe I should have a celebratory cigarette.

Kidding! Jeez!

Only 3 more months until my risk of heart disease drops to half that of a smoker. 5 more years until my lung cancer death rate drops to half of a smoker’s. 9 years until my lung cancer rate drops to that of a nonsmoker. And by the time I’m 50, my risk of heart disease will be the same as a nonsmoker.

It’s a long process, getting the cells healthy again, but I’ve got 9 months under my belt. And a lot more belly under my belt, but whatever, right? I’d rather die old, fat, and happy.*

Yep, me, Pete, and Neil: old rockers working out how to grow even older.

*And I’ll keep telling myself that until I finally believe it.