Well, yesterday went fine. Of course it did. Almost all the pain happens in my head, not in my life. Thankfully.

But ugh, today. Last night was date night with Gospel Bob, and I overdid it on the cheap wine *again*. Good timing on that: yesterday, Bloggingstats informs me, someone found this blog by Googling “wine carlo rossi burgundy”. Yes, that makes me proud. What makes me less proud–and actually baffles the hell out of me–is that today someone stumbled across this site by searching–ready?–“gloria estefan ticklish”. On AOL, no less.

What the hell? This is all fallout from that goddamn “music from when you graduated” meme.

So yeah, I overdid the cheap wine again, and woke up dehydrated and woozy. Had awesome banana-walnut-cinnamon pancakes with GB and now I’m seriously thinking about napping more. It’s raining like crazy and I think there’s already a cat in my bed. Maybe I should go check on that.

Why yes, I actually DO believe that my dissertation prospectus is going to write itself.