So, I’ve seen the needs meme everywhere, but I was hesitating. Partly, I’m paranoid about the anonymity; I didn’t want to use my real first name, because a) it’s too easily re-Googlable, and b) it’s an uncommon name, so see (a). But “luckybuzz needs” doesn’t get me anywhere, since I stole it from a song title, so all that comes up there is this blog and Buckner stuff (sometimes I feel like I should apologize to Rick for stealing his title, but I think I might be getting more use out of it than he is). Anyway. What you do is Google “[your name] needs”. I just went with Lucky, and it seems to be, how you say, meant to be.

Lucky needs some luck! (duh)
Lucky needs a patient someone to give him time to settle in and warm up. (so, so true)
Lucky needs a good home. (it’s getting better)
lucky needs a forever home (I have a feeling there’s going to be a lot of this)
Lucky needs your help to prosecute her abusers!
Lucky needs more attention than she is currently receiving (my favorite so far)
Lucky needs to ricochet shots to hit his target (story of my life)
Lucky needs a quiet home with a fenced yard and no other pets. (fenced yard, hell yeah)
Lucky needs the most work in terms of character growth (HEY!)
Lucky needs 680 feet of fence
Lucky needs a caretaker committed to exercising him daily
Lucky needs a good home, someone to love him. He does tricks, and is very very
obedient. (sometimes…)
Lucky needs your help assembling the members of his rockin’ rock n’ roll band. (desperately seeking a bass player…)
Lucky needs a new home to retire in
(about eight more “lucky needs a home”s in here…)
Lucky needs to be neutered and have some time to let his hormones taper off (…and I think we have a winner!)
Lucky needs a home in the country with an experienced owner as she is affectionate with those she knows but not with many strangers. (yep)
Lucky needs some patching up. (that’s the truth)
Lucky needs help and cannot obtain it from his immediate family. (this is all creepily accurate)
Lucky needs a job!
Lucky needs to go back to his rebel ways (I agree)
Lucky needs to branch out
Lucky needs both money and luck to walk away forever from the world of crime.
Lucky needs to possess both innocence and street smarts – a sexual James Dean.
Lucky needs to get fatter (!!)
Lucky needs a spicy type woman (taking applications…)
Lucky needs a man figure in her life (ha!)
Lucky needs to deal with reality.
Lucky needs a home with no children.
Lucky needs you to take her home.
Lucky needs a playmate.
Lucky needs to either get over it or find the door.