Seen at BrightStar‘s, my source for much fun, distraction, and loveliness.

About Me Meme

Relationship status: primary relationship: with GB for 9.5 years. Also: with the Wrangler for almost 3 years.
Height: 5’2″. I give up. I’m not 5’3″ and I’m not telling people I am anymore.
Shoe: 9 W (and big ol’ bunions). But here’s the weird thing–3 years ago I was a 7-8. My feet have grown almost 2 sizes in three years, in my 30s. What is up with that?
Parents still together: nope, split when I was 18, thank god.
Siblings: 2 sisters, 1 brother (I’m 3 of 4)
Pets: 4 cats

Colour: cobalt blue
Number: don’t really have one, though I’m always happy when my birthday numbers come up on a clock
Animal: crow
Drinks: coffee, fruity alcoholic drinks (especially anything blue)
Soda: Coke, but not often
Book: um…maybe Still Life with Woodpecker, though picking one is crazy

Do you?
Colour your hair: yep
Have tattoos: yep–about a dozen, but it’s been 4 years since my last one and I’m SO due
Piercings: Open: 3 in one ear, 1 in the other, and tongue. Closed: nose, navel
Like cleaning: no. Thank god for GB.
Know how to drive: yes, but like B*, I’d prefer if you drove.

Have you ever
Been in a physical fight: once–I was 14
Kicked someone in the nuts: No.
Stolen anything: yes–random lipstick shoplifting when I was an annoying adolescent
Held a gun: No.
Drank: um, yes
Cried over a girl: Sigh. Yes.
Been in love: Oh yeah.
Lied to someone: I’m an awful liar, so I don’t. I’m more a lie-of-omission kind of girl.
Cried over a boy: Yep.

Current clothing: Levis and a t-shirt from an oyster bar I’ve never been to
Current mood: hungover and lazy
Current taste: coffee with hazelnut creamer
Current smell: not much of anything
Current thing I ought to be doing: working, on anything
Current CDs in stereo: Richard Buckner’s Impasse, Townes Van Zandt mix I made for the Squirrel
Last book you read: The Essential Gandhi
Last movie you saw: The Corpse Bride (in the theater); half of Constantine, before I passed out
Last thing you ate: a bagel and cream cheese
Last person you talked to on the phone: the Wrangler

Do you…?
Do drugs: not so much
Have a dream that keeps coming back: I have BrightStar’s teeth crumbling and falling out dream pretty often. Also lots of recurrent dreams about the house I grew up in, though those are getting less disturbing as I deal with family shit. Also lots of flying/falling dreams (which are always comforting)
Play an instrument: been trying to learn the banjo for years
Read the newspaper: nope