Borrowed from Jo(e), an easy way to get my brain working this Monday morning. Modified, of course….

Number of cats who live in my house: 4
Percentage of these cats who are female: 25
Pounds of cat in my house: 53
Number of canoes I own: 0
Number of sisters I have: 2
Number of tattoos I have: 11
Average number of times I eat every day: 2
How many academic conferences I went to last year: 1
How many Joni Mitchell CDs I own: 5
How many Bob Dylan bootleg albums I own: 20+
How many years I’ve been with my spouse(-ish person): 9.5
How many dollars I spent on my wedding dress: 0 (my sister’s dress)
Number of people in my household who play the piano: 1
How many times I’ve been to California: 2, and 10 years living there
How many times I’ve been to Europe: 1
How many times I’ve been to Florida: 20+
How far, in miles, I live from my parents: 887 (mom); 1260 (dad)
How far, in miles, to my nearest family member: 780
Times I’ve moved to the other side of the country: 2
Number of left-handed siblings I have: 0
How far, in miles, I live from the nearest grocery store: 1
Pairs of snowshoes I own: 0
Years I was a vegetarian: 19
Number of television shows I watch each week: 2
Years I’ve lived in this house: 1
Years I’ve lived in this town: 3
Most years I’ve lived in the same apartment since age 17: 3
Number of apartments I’ve lived in (since age 17): 15