No, seriously. I’m not sure. I’m feeling like posting something here, but also feeling extremely random and not-quite-coherent yet. So random it is!

–The semester is only two days old, so I’m not sure how I can feel so incredibly behind already. A huge part of that has to do with *still* not being sure what I’m teaching. Or, well, assisting; regardless, I don’t exactly know where I need to be next week, or what I need to be preparing. There’s a possibility I might only have to do the one class I had already planned on doing; if I can get enough work through that class, that will significantly ease my prepwork for the semester (come on, undergrads! You REALLY WANT to take this class! It will change your life! It will make hot women want you! I may be able to offer financial incentives!). However….if that doesn’t give me all of what I need, then come Monday afternoon I’ll be the only TF in Class-I-know-nothing-about-where-all-the-students-know-way-more. And that will be, as a colleague put it, “a learning experience”; or, as I put it, “completely freakin’ horrible”. Um, I mean, a learning experience. Must call School Friend and ask her opinion–she’s been navigating this system longer and more effectively than I have.

–Yesterday was my third cat’s birthday (she’s the only one whose actual birthday we know). Happy birthday Millie! Here’s a little photo sequence of the birthday girl:


…during… (even Jerry’s hightailing it out of there)

Ewwww, the birthday’s gone wrong….

Partied out. Happy birthday Boo!

Oh my god. That was way too much fun. But now that I just spent half an hour on the photos (why is there no intuitive way to send multiple pictures through Picasa/Blogbot? Does anyone know an easier way to do this?), I kind of don’t feel like posting about crap anymore….I need more coffee. And I need to try to do some kind of work. And tonight is the beginning-of-semester gathering for my department, which means wine and awkwardness; and I have a date with Gospel Bob tonight (yay!). So maybe I’ll update later….